Frequently Asked Questions

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Not finding the answer to your question please give us a call or send us an email:

Phone: (218) 281–1976

Toll Free: (800) 569-1380


I am afraid my purse/wallet has been stolen or I lost my debit card. What do I do now?

Immediately call us at (218) 281-1976 if it is during regular business hours.  For after-hours assistance, please call (800) 383-8000.

I am having trouble with my debit card.  I put in my PIN wrong numerous times and now it won’t work.

Once you have tried your PIN incorrectly four times, it automatically locks your card.  You would need to call us at (218) 281-1976 to have your PIN unlocked or reset.

I can’t remember my password for my online banking account or I am locked out of my online banking account.

If you can’t remember what your password is, click on the link “Forgot my Password” below the password box.  This will prompt a temporary password to be sent to the email address we have on file for you.

How can I find out interest rates for loans?

Please call us at (218) 281-1976 and ask to speak to a Loan Officer. 

How can I find out about Certificate of Deposit rates?

Please call us at (218) 281-1976 and any employee can help you with CD rates.